FROM the ground up

From The Ground Up not only implies that we quarry and fabricate natural stone but also deliver superior and ethical products to the professional building industry. The creation of our products have been and continue to be influenced by our customers for our customers.

Since 2005, our attention to detail in product design has been a result of years of focus groups and industry feedback. We have been evolving our products and programs by listening and fulfilling our customers expectations. What works for our customers; works for us!

We not only specialize in natural stone quarrying and fabrication but also in building and maintaining strong relationships with our distributors and dealer networks. Our network partners insure your products are delivered on time and on budget. We pride ourselves in the relationships we have built over the years which have enabled us to provide you with the highest quality of products and services you deserve.

With our products, you can be confident in the importance we place on quality control and customer service. Our strong and substantial relationships with our quarrying partners to our expert team of production and product specialists is our unique advantage. It’s all about the value we bring to you!  From The Ground Up.


-“Building Better Communities” is what we believe to the core. This is why we do what we do.-

The company was founded by Sanjay and his father Nick in 2004. Since 2008, daily operations have been managed by Sanjay and Carmen who have worked as a team (along with the strength of another 140 team members) under the Pangaea umbrella. Sanjay and Carmen have managed each others’ strengths and weaknesses resulting in a successful corporate environment leading to National and International expansion. To date, both Sanjay and Carmen, with the great support of family and friends, have built an International business focused on Building Better Communities.

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We encourage and have created an environment of trust and transparency. Our company culture has not only instilled a solid level of confidence from our customers but is a highly productive environment for our team members to operate in. Transparency with our customers and the trust we have placed on our team members has been a large part of our success story. Company culture and corporate transparency has played an instrumental role in developing company policy, procedures and has created a culture of shared values and direction.




Our other passion is our furry 4-legged friends. Whether its rescuing, volunteering in a shelter, or nurturing our own, dogs have been an integral part of our lives since childhood and continue to be a focus in our daily lives. We can’t image life without them.

We support our local SPCA through our time and donations. We also support a local animal shelter in Jaipur, India called Help In Suffering…have a look at their website . The amazing men and women that care for animals at this shelter would appreciate your help in any way possible.

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