In many parts of the world water is a scarce commodity and wasting it under any circumstance is incomprehensible. Unfortunately, our industry does far too much of this. We as a company are leading the way to influence change.

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Our water treatment plant removes impurities and recycles over 17,500 liters/hour (4,600 gal/hour) of water for stone processing. Approximately 1,000 kgs/day (2,204 lbs/day) of stone waste powder or slurry waste is captured in the process and is then recycled in civil construction projects.

Most of our competitors do not operate water recycling plants for stone processing. This unfortunately means that they continually discard their stone waste, stone powder or slurry waste indiscriminately and contaminate open areas of land which can end up polluting top soil. In other cases, irresponsible companies dispose of their production waste in water channels which contaminates the local ecosystem and leads to several health and environmental problems.

Responsible treatment and disposal of production waste is not a common practice in the natural stone industry in India. We are leading the way to Build Better Communities and influence change.

Companies have a social responsibility to protect the environment and insure the sustainable use of natural resources. We strongly encourage you to ask your natural stone suppliers if they use proper water treatment and recycling methods in the production of the products you are supporting.

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100% Natural Stone Waste Recycling:

A bi-product of our production process are pieces of stone waste. Our stone waste is provided to local stone crushing companies which crush our stone waste to utilize as raw material for the manufacturing of paving stones, concrete aggregates and local civil construction projects. Strong business partnerships within our local communities help us reduce, reuse and recycle…it only makes good business and environmental sense.


Electric Energy:

We operate electric powered forklifts which help reduce our carbon footprint and provide our team members with a healthy and safe work environment. Our battery-operated forklifts do not create harmful fumes like diesel forklifts which are primarily operated in our industry. Electric powered forklifts also provide safety for our team members by not requiring on-site fuel storage. Electric forklifts also help reduce indoor noise pollution for our 140 team members in our 30,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility.

Siemens ® Drive Technology:

We use Siemens® electric drive energy efficient motors in our fabrication process wherever possible. Siemens energy efficient drive systems not only help reduce and maintain production costs but also help reduce energy costs between 40%-70%**(reference in comparison to competitive drives. This results not only in a reduction of CO2 emissions but also in the improved drive performance which helps reduce the requirement for replacement drives.

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Our 30,000 sq ft. production facility features over 30 skylights to take advantage of the sun which reduces the use of energy consumption during daylight hours. By the end of 2019, our production process will be powered by 100% renewable solar energy reducing carbon emissions and our carbon foot print! Stay tuned for updates.

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We are very mindful of the natural resources used in our packaging process. Our aim is to minimize the impact of our footprint on natural resources for the purposes of commercial use. Protecting our forests is one of them.

In India, wood is a scarce resource and should be utilized and replenished wisely. The National Mission for a Green India (GIM) is one of the eight missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) and was launched in February 2010. For our support of this campaign and federal initiative, we procure pine wood from areas of the world where this resource is abundant.